NEW One Of A Kind Product!

1 hour Pro Private Yoga Session + 1 hour Thai Massage ~ ¥40,000  (only available with studio owner Kanami)

Are you looking for the ultimate “combination in relaxation” during your dream ski holiday? Take advantage of the first ever PRIVATE YOGA + THAI MASSAGE product available in Niseko. Studio owner Kanami is now highly trained in the art of Thai Massage in addition to her 10+ years of teaching experience in yoga & Pilates, and would like to share her experience in health, wellness, and wellbeing with you.

Spend two hours receiving her complete one-on-one attention! First, you will work through a tailored yoga/Pilates practice uniquely designed to balance out your body.  Following your practice, surrender to an hour of blissful relaxation through the tradition of Thai Massage with Kanami’s healing touch and hands. You will leave feeling as if you are on cloud nine.

*this product is subject to Kanami’s availability, so please book well in advance


NEW Product!

75 min Premium Thai Massage ~ ¥17,000 

Did you know that Thai Massage originates from India? It is an ancient healing practice that comes from the same birthplace and timeline as yoga. For this reason it is sometimes referred to as “Thai Yoga Massage”. This style of massage works with the same energy lines of the body as yoga, known as the “Nadis”, or “Sen lines”.

The techniques used are designed to create inner-balance, harmony, and a greater sense of connectivity within. At the heart of Traditional Thai massage is that it’s regarded as an essential therapy to promote health & wellbeing, and considered a healing and curative practice rather than simply a spa treatment.

What to expect? During your treatment your therapist will move you into yoga-like positions, and using her hands and feet she will follow the energy lines in your body. By applying pressure and kneading with rhythmic movements along these lines, your therapist will help to release tension, tightness, and any stagnant energy stuck within the body. You will leave feeling more energized, along with many other health benefits such as: improved circulation, an improved range of motion, and reduced levels of stress.